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My name is Wendy and I have three children, Natasha, Luke and Naomi, myself and my children have all been brought up around German Shepherds all our lives, our dogs are very much part of our family, even though we show, we include them in almost everything we do. It is important to have a well balanced dog with a good temperament.


                        "Happy Dog, Happy Owner"


I was introduced further into the world of Shepherds when I met my late husband who

was a police officer, he educated me further into the mind of a  Shepherd, A Highly

intelligent animal with fabulous working ability but also your very best friend, a  loyal

member of your family.

 On  a trip to Germany I was amazed at the Show dogs out there, they had combined the

glamour along with the  working, I then decided that this is what I would like to do, so I

came back to the Uk to further my expectations in buying my first Show dog,  I

approached Videx and  purchased a female , she really wasn't happy in the ring but what

she did do was produce me my first show dog Shellmead Anya, she done incredibly well,

always achieving within the first three of every show and made it  within the top ten puppy females 2006. Sadly I couldn't breed on

from Anya as she had to be spayed due to a dry Pyometra.

I then bought  Shotaan Shalome from Shotaan kennels, she became SG1 at the Irish Sieger and has produced me some super dogs, from then on i have never looked back, i have continued to buy  and produce some very nice top quality males and females, my top winning female at the moment is Aisha from Silverleigh kennels, she has an incredible drive and a willingness to work, such a strong female.

 Naomi has become very involved in showing, we  work  together as a team, she has done very well, one of her main achievements was being placed Gsd  second junior handler 2007, she was awarded at Crufts for her achievements, I'm very proud of all the work she has put in, we are both very much involved with The Heads Of The valley Gsd Club, I am on the committee for them.


"Our Journey Still Continues"